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When I started working at the GP's surgery carrying out new patient health checks, I did not have the access to the patient's medical records prior to an appointment, neither did I have the convenience of simply following the care plan. These privileges had previously allowed me to function as a community D-grade staff nurse. Although I had been shown, I still felt nervous. The excitement and pride of being in an innovative program were tempered by this sense of isolation and uncertainty.

Examination of one 55-year-old gentleman revealed an elevated blood pressure of 150/90mmHg. According to my knowledge and experience, I knew he would need to revisit to have his blood pressure re-checked. However, I was not sure of the repeat pattern. I felt embarrassed having to admit my lack of knowledge to the patient. As the reading was only slightly elevated, it would have been easier to tell him to simply come back in four week's time.

On the other hand, clarifying with the senior practice nurse when not sure was definitely the correct and safe thing for me to do. Therefore, I found out from the senior practice nurse, whom supported my action, that, according to the protocol, a patient with a systolic blood pressure between 140-159mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure between 85-99mmHg, should be re-checked two-monthly for six months. When apologising to the patient, I could feel slight dissatisfaction from him. I was troubled by this and so explained the reason I had made an effort to find out the appropriate interval for his blood pressure recheck. In this way, the patient understood my intention and in turn provided me with a great sense of achievement.

As I critically reflected on this incident, three elements became apparent. On one hand, my knowledge of future management...