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Most of the students, not excluding me, thought that by taking English 101, all we would do is just write then receive a passing grade for doing our work like in High School and move on to the next level. But we were all wrong; English 101 was very challenging and demanding in how our writing needed to meet the goals and outcomes of requirement for portfolio in order to receive a passing grade. We always expected that going to school the instructors were here to assist us, showing us step by steps of what needed to be done, the errors that we were having on our papers that needed to be fixed, and last but not least the most important thing, which is the key to the right answer to succeed. Because we thought that instructors always have the right answer, there is no debating whether the answer is right or wrong, but we all have to respect and look to them.

However, in my case, I feel like it is a trap of mistake! It was not that simple like I thought it would be.

First day of English 101 class, I started to feel uneasy and very frustrated. The teacher passed out the General Course Description. I started to underline and highlight whatever seemed significant to be noticed about, for example: " The notion that writing is central to critical inquiry is one of the chief operating assumptions of the course" (Course Description 1). I underlined this because I found that it is quite difficult to understand. And on the other hand I decided to take the marginal notes for later use that I will need to look back for any backup information while starting to work on my essay. I know exactly that I do not...