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Managing the Multinational

Reflective Essay

Name: Davide L'Incesso

Student ID: 708357

I want my life to be eventful. With this thought in mind I shape my life and make choices on a daily basis. World is full of beautiful places and people that are there to enrich your life and make it unique. As naïve as it may sounds, this dreamy approach brought me to Australia a few weeks ago ready to embark upon this new journey and to expand my horizons.

My long term objective is what inevitably directs my everyday decisions. Travelling has always been one of my biggest passions; it is what makes me study hard and what makes me do late work shifts at night. Travelling does not only mean discovering new places but, more importantly, getting to know different people. People are the most interesting and yet difficult subject of study that can be; anybody has something s/he can teach you, you just need to be able to get what you need through a rightful interaction.

International Business at the University of Melbourne is the next test I wanted to challenge myself with to gain precious insights about how differently businesses are run in different parts of the world and how culture plays an important role in setting the rules of the game.

Specifically, the way the courses are structured allow me to interact with people with different stories and upbringings that can help broaden my perspectives and teach me something I do not know. Group projects are one of the most valuable tools to prepare to the corporate world that I can see myself working in in the next couple of years. In particular, this year will give me the chance to learn more about the Asia-Pacific, a set of cultures which has...