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After the interview, the two observers gave me feedback about my performance as an interviewer. Feedbacks are completely positive, it may because of, I, as a foreigner who use second language to conduct an interview, this may affects their perception and to set a lower standard for me. From this interview, however, I learned that to be a good interviewer, I must contain some skills such as listening skills, managing the interview process and so on. This not only let me know that how to be a good interviewer, but also helps me to understand what is an interview and the process of an interview.

What I think I did well is that I did a preparation before this interview, because it is my first contact with an interview, so I did a lot of research about it.

It is essential to be prepared for the interview, it means doing own research and knowing what the candidate is interviewing for (Bolander, 2010). I prepared all the questions I want to ask and come up with the answers as well. All these questions are based on the candidate's CV and the job description of the job that she wants to apply for. Thus, all questions that I asked the candidate are all relevant to the job. It contributes me to avoid asking some intrusive or discriminatory questions and side-tracking candidate.

On the other hand, what I didn't do so well is that I made the interview too serious, I was too focused on how to test the candidate whether she is suitable to this job. In the very beginning of the interview, I didn't attach importance to greeting candidate and using suitable opening question. What I did is asking...