Reflective Leadership

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Problem statementThe research scope is to obtain leadership qualifications which are required by a leader to be able to lead a business or an enterprise successfully. It shall reveal the leadership traits which make leaders to be focused on their goals or objectives which they have set despite of the difficulties which they encounter while achieving it. It will also highlight on how a leader is able to get followers and influence them to meet his set goals and objectives. Finally it shall demonstrate on how the leadership qualifications will be beneficial to businesses and enterprises which are being under such good leadership as compared with one under poor leadership.

Research purposeThe purpose of the research shall be to indentify the leadership qualifications which will be of benefit to businesses and enterprises. The research findings will also be of importance in training leaders and also shall form a source of reference for the trainers so that they would know the leadership traits which they should inculcate in the learners.

The findings will also be used to nurture existing leaders in different levels of management and decision making. This shall improve on their operations and be more effective in their operations. They will use it as a bench mark which they use to evaluate them and improve in areas which they are performing poorly. The reason why they would adopt so easily to its recommendations is because each trait or practice shall be well analyzed illustrations on the benefits which the leader will achieve by adopting it.

Literature reviewIn a business or an enterprise good leadership is essential for it to realize successful administration and management. It is quit difficult to draw a line in what is good leadership and poor leadership because the scenario being lead differ. However, effective executives...