Reflective Writing -Glory Road

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Reflective Writing - Glory Road

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'Glory Road' was a great movie because it was based on a real story and it also enabled the audience to view the extreme racism which occurred in America in 1966. "Glory Road" finds its true story at a point where sports history intersects with the struggle for racial equality (SCOTT, 2006).But this movie 'Glory Road' showed how this hatred of­ racial discrimination was transformed into acceptance of the dark skinned race as competitive opponents and players in American sport (University of Texas, 2009).

The main character who made history in American sport and overall racial discrimination in America was Don Haskins. This was both from the movie 'Glory Road' and real life. He was the coach for the Texas Western University in EI Paso who pushed a 'coloured team' a team which has both white Caucasians and dark skinned Africans-into the national championship against all odds.

No one believed that this team can play very well and not one person would have thought that the team would make it to the finals and into national college championships because of racism that existed in American sports. He critically viewed an athlete's talent from a human point of view and racism would not be a factor, and because of this critical analysis Texas Western won the NCAA Championship (Otto, 2006).

Don Haskins had a great coaching talent which was extraordinary, using the very limited budget he was able to identify and recruit players with great potential (University of Texas, 2009). The talent he had was most likely developed from his past coaching experience since he had been coaching for another basketball team before he was moved to Western...