This is a Reflexive Essay on a near death experience that changed my life.

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Cars and Cliffs

In many instances, a single event in life could have a drastic effect on a person's further existence. Perhaps the most horrific occurrence that one has endured changes their life and has a great effect on how they live in the present time. In just a few seconds, I have seen my life, my short-lived life, flash right before my eyes. What began as a venturesome day, ended in horrid adversity. My near death experience has influenced my life by providing myself with a greater appreciation for and a sense of direction in life.

My second year of middle school had just ended, and I loved the seclusion from homework and all of school's vices. I was visiting my father whom had been working there since April because of a job opportunity. I finally felt extremely happy to see my father after are long time spent apart.

On a picturesque Saturday morning in the city of Venezuela, my brothers, my mother, two of my father's friends, a tour guide and I began a day long road trip that would lead us to the most exhilarating spectacle I have ever laid my eyes upon. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful and home to many lush tropical trees which inhabited the valley, Venezuela had "the Angel Falls". This beautiful, awe-inspiring Angel Falls rises 3,212 feet above the floor of the remote Venezuelan jungle. It was truly an amazing spectacle. Imagine a deep stone cliff, framed by luscious tropical trees, the cliff etched, bare, and rugged as if from a giant pickaxe, with white, frothing waters dropping thousands of feet from the top of the cliff into the lake below. After seeing this wonderful sight from jungle level we shopped around at the gift shops, and drove up to take a...