The Reformation, unavoidable?

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The reformation was unavoidable. My reasoning is that sooner or later someone else would have done the same thing. As Martin Luther went forward with what he was doing he had people supporting him proving that he was not the only person with the thoughts going through his head.

The Catholic church was on the road to a reformation from the beginning, the thing that condemned them the most was the fact that they were charging people for blessings, blessings are meant to be a gift from god any church that tries to charge them to receive a blessing.. This can piss many people off, it pisses me off, any church that asks for a fee for miracles to happen is bound for someone to protest, and for a reason to have someone begin a feud to make the reformation happen.

The Catholic church also is damned to the reformation because, in order to be forgiven of your sins you had to pay the catholic church.

The Catholic church is all about money all they cared about is getting money. (

When a country is controlled by the government, meaning that they are told what to believe and told what to do everyday, no matter how hard they try, there is always going to be a group of people who try and rebel. The same goes for the Catholic church, at the time the country forced the people to be Catholics. People do not like being forced to be believe in a certain religion, and back to the topic of being controlled. When the people in the country were forced to believe in one church a group of people rebelled against the country, people do not like being controlled they will always rebel if they are.