The reforms Lycurgus' institute at Sparta.

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Lycurgus or Sparta, was to inherit the throne from his father, but as his late brother left a pregnant wife he was superceded by the baby boy as the ruler. While the child was young Lycurgus ruled Sparta as his guardian. However, the young king's mother, and her relatives, envied and hated Lycurgus. They accused him of plotting to kill the young king among other slanders. Lycurgus decided that instead of being around where he would take the blame if anything were to happen to the child, instead he should travel.

He gave up his throne and went to Crete. He met many people on his journeys and learned of many things. He carefully studied the governments of Crete, Egypt and Ionia. He also took in the epics of Homer. As he traveled and studies he picked and chose aspects of the different government systems that would be beneficial for Sparta.

After a time, the citizens of Sparta came to the realization that Lycurgus was their real king and that they wanted him back. They wrote to him and begged him to return to the throne.

Lycurgus decided to return to his throne with his new found knowledge of the world and of all the different forms of governments and of laws and ideas. He planned on making some reforms in Sparta, but not just small ones. Lycurgus came to the conclusion that he should instead implement a large scale set of reforms to totally change the face of Sparta.

He first consulted the oracle at Delphi for guidance. It told him that he should continue with his reformation plan for Sparta and someday the laws of Lycurgus would be revered as the most famous in the world. The words of the oracle filled him...