"A Refreshing Alternative"; a process essay clearly defining the process of Kool-Aid preparation.

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Imagine, the lawn has been mowed, trees trimmed, gardens tended, but after all this exertion, the only thing to be found in the refridgerator is dehydrating soda and plain water. Most people would crack open a can or

chug some water. There is a more refreshing alternative, provided a well-equipped kitchen: Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is simple to make and good to drink,but without following some simple directions, it is nothing more than a packet of unsweetened powder. There are four easy stages required to

prepare Kool-Aid: stage one, obtaining desired flavor; stage two, gathering necessary equipment; stage three, adding ingredients; stage four, stirring.All four are crucial in making tasty Kool-Aid.

The first stage in making Kool-Aid is choosing the desired flavor. One would think this to be an easy task, but the many different flavors canmmake it challenging. At the grocery store, the choices range from Grape to

Mountain Berry Punch.

If a decision still can`t be made pick severalbdifferent kinds, they only cost around twenty cents.

The second stage involves gathering the necessary equipment. Find a two quart pitcher. Plastic is nice, but glass is more sparkling. Next, find a long wooden spoon and make sure it fits three-quarters of the way into the

pitcher. Also needed are two cups or more of white sugar and drinkable water.

Stage three involves adding the ingredients into the pitcher. First, grasp the packet of Kool-Aid with thumb and index finger of one hand. With the other hand tear the top of the package completely off. Next, pour the entire contents into the pitcher. Add water to the pitcher until about two inches from the top. Finally, add sugar. One cup is the usual amount, but add more or less if desired.

The fourth stage is stirring the ingredients...