Refugees and illegal immigrants.

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Refugees and Illegal Immigrants Essay

I believe that the refugees should be allowed to stay in Australia. I believe in equality and that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities, but in many countries these rights do not exist. Since they don't have these rights in their countries we should allow them to come into Australia.

The refugees should be allowed to stay in Australia, this way we can give them a better life by getting them away from poverty, dangers and giving them better opportunities. If we allow the refugees to stay they will not be the only ones gaining from it. It will also improve Australia in many ways.

Firstly, Australia only has a population of 20 million people, making it the country with smallest population for its landmass in the world. If we get more people to come into Australia the population will grow rapidly.

Take the United States for example, their landmass is not much bigger than Australia however they have a population of 200 million people. It is obvious that its huge population is making it the world's richest and powerful country in the world.

Secondly, if Australia had a population that big it would be much more powerful and the economy would be much better. The reason that the country would become more powerful and rich is that the more people that there are the more businesses that will open and unemployment will go down. This means fewer people on the dole and more with jobs.

When there is more businesses the chance of one becoming successful on the share market is higher, and this will make people invest more with Australian shares. When there is more people investing in the Australian businesses they will become richer and...