Refugees population and needs

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By: usman mukhtar wars,famines,drought and other problems have caused many people to leave their houses;and migrate to other areas ,which are equipped with enough better facilities,so that a man can ,states like kosovo,kashmir,afghanistan,bosnia and chechniya are facing the same problems. people are moving to more safe areas, to protect them selves from violence . the people previously livivng in the endangered areas have migrated to make small communities, living in tents outside the main stations. the biggest problem,which these refugees rae facing ,is that of food ; there is an immense shortage of food in the state of kosovo due to the civil war .uno should try hard to provide these helpless refugees with enough food so that they can survive.unicef and unesco should be given the responsibilities to conserve the rights of the children. the shortage of necessary resources in this state has led to gang rapes,murders and terrorism.some

days back cnn reported live about the condition in the state of kosovo. it said that the owner of the delta air lines was providing food , bathroom and clothing facilities to the refugees ,(all on his own) .cnn also interviewed;live; a reefugee living near kosovo . he tearfully tried to tell the conditions of kosovo; but i remember the time he narrated. "i cant tell you the condition ....! the beautiful valley is turning into a grave yard. mr mikorish, the president of kosovo is a neo hitler and is following the policy of ethinic cleansing and systematic genocide against the muslims of kosovo.due to the cold weather is the state ,people need more woolen and warm clotes;to save them from viral is a right of refugees to have proper shelter and apt medical care.cold climate ,unavailibilty of food ,scarcity of water resouces are cause of many...