What is a Region and What Region do you feel that you Belong to?

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Reflective Writing

Do you feel that you belong to a region?

Feeling like where you belong is very easy for some people. If your family has lived in Hong Kong for generations, and you have also lived in Hong Kong for your whole life, the answer must definitely be Hong Kong. But for some people it's very hard, since their parents may be from different countries, and they their selves might be born in a different country.

I think that a region is a place that has something to make it different from other places, that something may be physical (e.g. mountains, rivers, etc.), political or economic activities.. A region can be anyplace; a city, a state, or even a country.

I have lived in many countries before, including the U.S., Hong Kong and also Kunming, a city in Yunnan Province, China.

I've been born in the US, and have an American passport, yet I don't feel like an American at all.

I currently live in Hong Kong; half of my relatives live in Hong Kong, and I also go to school in Hong Kong, don't feel like I can call Hong Kong as my 'home'.

I think that the place that I can really call 'home' to is Kunming. My family moved to Kunming when I was 5, and lived there for 7 years. Both my father and my mother grew up in Kunming, so to them, although they have lived in other places, Kunming will also be their 'home', like me. I live in Hong Kong now and I have both Hong Kong ID and an American passport, but I don't feel like an American or feel like I belong to Hong Kong. I think the reason is because I...