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Marketing is a challenging task especially when a business is moving towards globalization. Countries have their own ways of doing things with regard to religion, political, social and economic concerns. What is right for one country will not be appropriate for the next country. As a marketer is will be a critical element to learn about the country first before attempting any contact with the country. Learning about the culture and different things that may be offensive to that country will be a key factor in obtaining a strong business relationship. Aluminum USA is a United States based company planning on spreading their territory to Japan. Aluminum USA makes aluminum engines. Their plan is to market engines to major automobile producers in Japan. An aluminum block engine is a light weight engine that cools faster than a standard block engine. This makes the product an excellent choice for automobiles used in speed racing.

Fuel efficient vehicles are the wave of the future. A product that contributes to the economy and the environment is desired merchandise.

An analysis of Japan's historic action, their economy of the country, who Japan has business relationships with and the development of that business will contribute to how Aluminum USA conducts business. The increase of globalization and knowledge of the regional organizations adds to Aluminum USA's business plan.

Historic PerspectiveIn Japan, technology is something they take very seriously and pride themselves in creating the latest technology. Japanese have an impeccable work ethic and they are very driven individuals who care about the products they create. Economically, Japan does very well due to being second on the list of the world's strongest economies, the United States being number one.

"Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited." (Japan, 2007) Japan also...