Regional Metropolis: Constantinople and Tenochtitlan

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Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were two great cities in their time. They both had many dominant physical features. They also had many cultural influences and their major function for each city was different. The two cities had important landmarks and their locations still exist. The cities both had religious affiliations and other important aspects. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan help to show you what cities were like between 1160-1520.

Any two cities could have been chosen to show what it was like back then. These two show the global nature of this occurrence by contrasting the two. One is located in the Mediterranean and the other is in Mesoamerica so they are basically worlds apart. They also experience two different kinds of life. These two were also chosen to be compared because many of the Europeans went to these places and made their own accountable comparisons on what they had thought.

Each city had its own dominant physical characteristics.

Constantinople had St. Sophia and the hippodrome. It also had well-to-do houses and markets. Constantinople was in the center for trading on the Silk Road. It also had a great defense system because the city was surrounded by water. The city had the Old Horn Port on one of its edges. Tenochtitlan was built up in the marshes. The city also had special roads to connect it to the mainland. Each city had its way of living with their physical features.

Constantinople and Tenochtitlan each had its own set of cultural influences. Constantinople was mostly Roman and Greek. They mainly spoke Greek there. They were also Christian Orthodox. Tenochtitlan was built by the inspiration of two older cities. The immigrants and visitors that came had to stay in their own neighborhoods. They also traded with the north and south. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were...