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There are a lot of duties and responsibilities of being a registered nurse. They help the health of others improve and provide care for them. RNs not only deal with the physical health of others but mental and emotional also. They have the responsibility of making sure that the LPNs and CNAs on their floor are doing their own duties. RNs also work with others from the health field, like doctors, and physicians, to keep patients up to key with their health.

Working as an RN requires time and good health. They work at hospitals, health homes, and private medical offices. also work an average of forty hours a week and usually work the hours of 7-7 or 11-7. Also because elders and the sick need to be watched all day and night. It is unusual to have a holiday off. RNs interact with doctors, aids, many patients and supervisors.

Being successful while being in the nursing field is a great goal. They need to kept up to date with shots and physically active. There is a lot of standing and running around on the job.

Also they need to keep their emotional and mental stability up to date because of problems and emergencies that may occur. Nurses need to know now to deal with accidents and all the chemicals that are on their floors.

Starting in nursing you have to go through 2 steps before becoming an RN. The first step is a CNA (certified nursing assistant) which salary averages from 8-10 dollars an hour. The following step is an LPN (liscenced practical nurse) which makes around 11.50 an hour. Finally is a registered nurse whose' salary is somewhat of a large amount of 16.55 an hour. There are many insurance benefits such as dental, medical and prescription plans.