Regression Analysis Paper: Nextel Communications Inc.

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Regression Analysis PaperNextel Communications, Inc. is the nation's leading carrier of fully integrated, all-digital wireless service, which includes 2-way radio, wireless telephone service, text/numeric paging, and wireless web. Fleet Call, Inc was the original name of the company that started in April of 1987. Shortly there after, the company changed their name to Nextel, Inc. In July, 1994 Nextel and OneComm formally CenCall Communications, Inc announced a merger. A month later Nextel merged with Quasar Telecom, Inc, a subsidiary of Advanced Mobilcom Inc., giving Nextel ownership of short message radio licenses in the United States, which allowed Nextel significant spectrum rights in each of the top 50 markets. Two months following this accumulation of products, Nextel closed a transaction with the Clearnet Communications Inc in Ontario, Canada, which allowed Canadian coverage to be possible for roaming customers. In February of 1995, Nextel signed a merger with Dial Call then the leading short message radio provider in the Southeast part of the United States (Nextel Communications, 2002).

Following this merger an investor, Craig Mccaw invested $1.1 billion in Nextel Communications. Next, Nextel closed a deal with OneComm, Motorola, and American Mobile. In September of 1996, Nextel introduced Motorola's all-in-one digital wireless technology, which led to enhance digital cellular, two-way radio and text/numeric paging in one telephone. In January of 1997, Nextel introduced the Nextel National Network and announced it would not charge roaming fees for customers traveling anywhere on its digital network- this was a first in the wireless industry. During the years of 1997-2000, Nextel has consistently introduced new products, features, and expansion of coverage on the network. The company has expanded coverage outside of the United States to Brazil, Europe, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Japan, and Shanghai. In the first quarter of 2005, Nextel finalized a merger...