Regretfull stage in life

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Three years ago I made a mistake, which brought me a lot of trouble, distrust, and disappointment. It all started when a big famous music artist got a piercing on his lip and after that it became big fashion all around the world, and for me it was something cool but forbidden. In my freshmen year I knew a friend in my grade that had a couple of piercing's, and I once told him that I wanted one in my lip, he said that the person who gave him the piercing was his brother who had a famous tattoo and piercing shop, and if I wanted one he could hook me up and give me one for free. After what he had supposed I started to think, but not thoroughly, and one day I made the decision to get a piercing without permission and hide it from my parents which was not going to work but I did not care.

The day when I got my piercing, it was a school day; so right after school my friend and I went to his brother's place. When we got there I saw that it was a very clean place, it was decorated in a very neat and simple way, one of the things that caught my attention a lot, is that there was a lot of diplomas hanging on the walls for piercing and tattoos, I dint know they gave diplomas for that type of things. My friend introduced me to his brother he was a nice guy, and he asked me what size of earring I wanted, I chose one, and he placed it in a antibacterial liquid. While I was waiting, I was sitting in a big dentist stile chair and I stated getting second regret thoughts, but...