Regulatory Risk

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The research will analyze the scenario of Alumina, Inc. and identify the key facts, regulations, legal issues, values, stakeholders including the conflicts and ethical dilemma, and then this writer will recommend the solution for Alumina Inc.

Environmental regulation is the most expensive area for the business community and the government. The reason for the environmental regulation committee is to oversee the human population growth and what impacts it will have on human technology (Reed, Shedd, Morehead, & Corley, 2004, Chp 17, p 507-08). The Environmental and pollution-control laws govern three levels of the regulation and they are follows: 1) Government's regulation of itself, 2) Governments regulation of business and 3) Suits by private individuals (Reed, et al., 2004, Chp 17, p 507). These regulations are overseen by the federal government and they decide how quickly the local toxic dumps will be cleaned up. The federal government can protect the population from the pollution that flows down from other states.

The federal government expects the local governments to enforce national environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act. However, the federal government has some concerns if the state and local governments are managing the inspections in a timely manner. The federal government also has concerns that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not following through.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is the agency that protects Florida's clean air act, water and land problems (Florida, 2006).

Situation BackgroundA resident of Erehwon, Kelly Bates has accused Alumina, Inc. of repeatedly contaminating the waters of Lake Dira with carcinogenic effluents, and has alleged that the consumption of the water is the prime cause of her 10 year old daughter's leukemia. Mrs. Bates also alleges that her daughter's disease maybe as old as Alumina's first environmental law violation. This accident occurred five years ago. Alumina...