Reincarnation, Tao and Buddha

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In this essay I show how Taoism and Buddhism view the idea of reincarnation, also ways of reaching ultimate one and nirvana explained.Taoist and Budhhist view of human nature and its stages also explained in this essay.In addtion to that Tao and Buddhist views compared .In fact you can find all you need about reincarnation in respect of tao and buddha.


Always people are curious about death. Human beings want to

understand and search unknown things, and therefore death is very exciting subject for people. People ask whether there is a life after death or what happens to us when we die. Because of these questions some of them believe that they will go to heaven or hell, some of them just try to think of this world and some people believe that they will return this world again and again .The general belief of monotheists, on the judgment day everybody is responsible for their own works, and after the judgment, in Hell or Heaven, everybody may recognise each other, so for example one person was a doctor in his first life then he was a stone and finally he was a nurse; therefore a conflict occurs after death if reincarnation is true.

On the other hand, especially in the East, people can be reborn and also in Islam and Christianity some people advocate this idea. In this essay, I show how Taoism and Buddhism view the idea of reincarnation.

The very brief definition of reincarnation is; to be reborn in other words; coming to this world in different forms or different bodies. Different groups have different thoughts about reincarnation; some of the religious groups see it as a punishment for the soul, some of them believe that it is necessary for salvation.