La Relacion

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La Relacion draft Dear Wife, We finally arrived here in the New World. Let me start off with telling you that I made it here in one piece. Even though I'm OK now our trip over was a very treacherous one. We ran into horrible weather, the waves we huge, taller then 25ft I would say at some points. With all the rough conditions we lost two men, Jakob Stevenson III and Roger Klark IV. The rest of us survived but we aren't in the best condition. When we started to explore this new land we found out that we weren't the only people living here. There were a darker skinned colored people living here already. This was astonishing to all of us. There were 100s more of them then us so as you can imagine we were very scared at first. But they weren't a mean people at all.

The let us use some of their supplies so we could hunt and fish for the food that we so desperately wanted. They did seem like a barbaric people but were much more generous and kind then mostly everyone back at home. They even gave us some of their food. Some of our men thought that we should kill the natives, with our more advanced weapons, and take everything they had. However, I convinced them that there was no need to do this because they extended their hand to us, we should be very grateful. I miss you very much and I plan to see you very soon, we should be coming back home in a month or so.