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Relationships Relationships are a part of life. Whether they are with family members, friends, or that special someone in your life. No matter who it might be, I believe that one of the most important aspects that a relationship should be based on is trust, because without that you and your partner can not be happy. The biggest relationship that need to be based on trust is a long-distance relationship. Being so far away from the person you love and knowing that they are not seeing anyone else is the best feeling in the world. To be able to tell them your secrets, deepest darkest fears, and your lifelong dreams and them not laughing, or telling anyone else, lets you know that you have their trust. If you know that that person is going behind your back and saying things about you or cheating on you or not telling you everything, you know that they do not deserve you.

Another important aspect is honesty. If you do not have that, you could die. Learning about all of the STD.'s out there has made me make honesty a top priority. If you are with someone and they are not brutally honest with you, you won't know if they have a disease and you could die. You need to know the person you are committing yourself to and knowing their personality. If that person is not honest with you from the beginning your going to miss out on a lot of things you could have had.

Abstinence is one of the most important things to have an a relationship. Being safe is much better than being sorry. Sex is not something you have to rush into. If you don't feel that you are ready to have sex, the person that you are with should respect you enough and care for you to know when and when not to push the subject. There is plenty of time for sex later in life when you know you have a stable and committed person in your life. All of these aspects roll into one. If you do not trust your partner enough to know that he/she has been faithful, than abstinence is the answer. Abstinence is very vital an a adolescence's relationship. It helps prevent STD.'s but also early pregnancy. To me nothing is more important that trust, honesty, and abstinence in a relationship.