Relating Are World To The World In "Brave New World"

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Will what we have come to love ruin us? I believe this statement to be true; the things that we value and pursue will destroy us. As time goes on in the world this idea is becoming even more valid. Eventually, our society will end up much like the society in the book Brave New World. In most ways are world is becoming worse, but in some ways it is also becoming better.

In our society today, what we love will come to ruin us. In today's society we value materialistic things and not things that are important. most of all we value money, which is power and time which is us not wanting to waste it on working for anything. The world now revolves around money; in the view of society if you have no money, then you have nothing. People's lives are becoming an endless pursuit of money and happiness. We are becoming more greedy and selfish as time goes on. We want materialistic things that really don't mean anything, instead of things that are what's really important. And, even with all the things that we want, people still are to lazy to actually work for what they want; we want everything for nothing. We value money, cars and mansions, but what people don't realize is that a nice car doesn't do much more than a crappy one and a mansion is a waste of space that does nothing more than a nice little home. We should stop worrying about ourselves once we get to a certain point and use what we have to help; in this way everyone would be happy. People should still keep their nice mansions if they want, but just help out a little too and not focus so much on themselves.