The Relation Between Emily Bronte & Her Novel "Wuthering Heights".

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The Relation Between Emily Bronte & Her Novel Wuthering Heights

The Victorian Age is a time of great change. This is a time when politics become relevant to society and economics are on a major rise. This is a time when The British Empire is in control of a large portion of the world. This is the time that marks the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This is also the time in which a great author lived. Emily Bronte was born in Thornton, Yorkshire, in Northern England in 1818, during the Victorian Era. She has always been a poet but has written one major novel in her career, Wuthering Heights. This novel has reflections of both Emily's anger and the Victorian Era. It is said that Emily lives a very dull life but she is known for being a great listener and pays attention to everything that surrounds her.

Emily Bronte in her novel Wuthering Heights illustrates the culture, the history and the social norms of her Victorian Era. She uses social status, lifestyle and life experiences.

During the nineteenth century in England, social behavior is of great importance. Emily has always been in the middle class. She is looked up to by servants but looked down on by the rich and noble. Emily is not a very social person. She is forced to be isolated in her home for many years of her life, due to sickness. Therefore, she is not a very social person and keeps most of her thoughts and dreams to herself. The Bronte's don't have anyone to play with, since there aren't any children living near by. One knows that Emily must be a big dreamer and also very emotional, since her novel is full of emotion, much of this emotion being violent. In...