The Relation between Time Management and Academic Performance among University Students

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The Relation between Time Management and Academic Performance among University Students

Time management is the ability to control and plan how one can spend his time in effective things like achieving goals, and according to Albert Einstein the definition of time management is "The occurrence of events, one after the other" (Stephen, 1990). Time management may also be the art of arranging personal affairs and the work of things with the least amount of resources consumed such as time, energy and money. Lack of time management is a very common problem in Egypt among students in today's life and it is a common complaint in eastern society. Great time management is vital for university students, whose time table is regularly stuffed with exercises and lessons. It is a successful method to use time management because it does not only help to utilize time but also buffers stress. Recently, researchers have shown an increased interest in the causes and effect of lack time management on students' life; their studies show that ill-advised utilization of time can make stress.

The outcome of the researchers study indicated that 50% of the students were experiencing different kinds of strain, depression and mental issues due to stress (Horton, 1992). Lately, it has appeared that students are suffering from lack of time management so their studying life became so difficult which could lead to a variety unfortunate consequence, such as missing deadlines, unable to finish projects on time and missing classes to finish other late tasks. This paper will focus on lack of time management in students' life and how to overcome this problem by using the easiest way, and the solution of this problem mentioning based on: time analysis, goal setting, planning, prioritizing, scheduling and organizing.

Many students today are equalizing various issues when in...