Relation of knowledge and the integration of the European Union.

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Knowledge is of the utmost importance to the modern man. Information technology and communications have experienced the greatest development in the past years, and we have entered the twenty-first century as a very knowledge-conscious society. To be part of the world, it is essential to keep up with all the latest advances, and to have a mind open to all cultures and nations, so that we could all work together towards a brighter tomorrow as one.

The development of the young of every country is crucial for a cloudless future, today more then ever. It seems that everyone has forgotten what it means to be aware of the world around us, as well as ourselves, and that is why conflicts between individuals, groups and nations are increasing.

Knowledge is what brings us together, and that is why we should cultivate our consciousness of it. There are lesser and lesser of those who aren't ignorant of what is going on around us, and who wish to make a change for the better.

In order to improve and maintain a high level of standard for all Europeans, the key is for all countries of Europe to unite and work as a whole. All individuals should realize that they are not only part of the country they come from, but also part of a greater community which can provide them with more chances to help themselves and others. To do this, they first must understand and accept their heritage and culture, and cultivate it, but they must also be able to acknowledge all others - and this is vital.

Nowadays, we don't know much, or enough, about other countries. Some parts of the world have become very open to one another, whilst others have grown into isolation, and this has influenced...