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Relational Analysis Assignment Even the simplest thing like making a friend is considered a relationship. It takes steps in order to develop one of the best relationships but even without noticing you take these steps. Usually when you develop a bad one you probably took a wrong step. Relationships are very important having friends or significant others or lovers makes life easier for everyone. Even though most people tend to be anti social they really need a friend. It gives people the satisfaction to have the feeling of actually knowing some is there. Basically to me I always had friends and not having them would make feel lonely. Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world and I would not want to have the feeling. One of the many reasons people develops more love relationship, is the fact on how they like the idea of being in love because I know I do.

My last love relationship was about 6 months ago. I was dating this guy for about 2 years. To me he was the most wonderful guy in the world at the time now he's nothing but a shit. But it all started with the attractiveness method wish is weird once you analysis your relationships and they end up as the book says. I first say him at work I was going to be seventeen I was sixteen. I had just gotten out of a relationship when I say him. His physical appearance was so nice he was the typically fair skin with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. He had a good body structure that totally bedazzled me. And of course like any other the physical appearance is the first thing that attracts you to a person. Un less you meet on the Internet. When it came to the proximity it was great we would see each other everyday for the reason that he worked with me. Although he lived in the northeast the fact we say each other at work build this good relationship at the beginning. Besides the fact on how handsome he was the similarity we had were great. We meet in the employee lunchroom one afternoon. My colleagues and I were discussing a matter on how women are so self- absorbed and of course for him to make an impression with the males disagreed with me. He ended up pissing me off so my break was over and I went about working again. I thought what a conceited guy he's so cute but got me mad. After awhile the same day he got his lunch break and went about looking for me but he couldn't find me so he got on the intercom and paged me. When I went to the front desk he was there with this huge smile and asked me if I would like to join him for lunch. Considering I was still mad I said no. At the end of the day he had the nerve to ask for my number. The only reason I gave to him was for the fact on cute he was. That night he called me and we had the longest conversation. We had so many similarities like music, goals, the type of people we like and don't like, and favorite movies.

In the textbook it said how it was a good thing to find attractiveness, proximity, and similarity. That helps the relationship to become stronger with the person. In most cases you end up being with some one who is almost exactly like you. Sometimes like the book said a mirror image of you Secondly, comes the relational development were you get more in contact. The dating stage, as most people know it. The contact and involvement stage were you get the feeling which either your connected or not. In the "getting to know" category is where you will most likely find the majority of dating taking place. The "getting to know" can either be a very easy and laid-back date, or cause many awkward moments. If the two involved in the date are just looking to have a good time and enjoy themselves, more than likely they will do just that. However, if the daters are concerned with trying to impress each other and worried about getting to the stages of the "romantic" category, things may be a little awkward. This is why getting to know the person that you will be dating is important, to avoid those awkward situations, and silences. In the case with my last relationship we started off going to lunch together and hanging out together at work. Each time we got together it felt we liked each other more and learned to have had more similarities. This made it goes to a greater level of self-disclosure. Before I knew it we knew so much of each other. That's when we developed a romantic relationship. We engage in things to maintain our relationship like building more trust in each other, communicate, and be open with one another. In order to make things work even better without knowing my relationship went through the romantic rules. Like remaining loyal and faithful to one another, being open, genuine, and authentic with one another. These are things people automatically do in relationship. Not knowing its is expected since there are rules about it.

Well like all relationships my started to get more and more serious. But every time I found out something he hadn't told me yet. Which started to cause conflict between him and I. I was the avoider of the conflict didn't like arguing still don't and he was the type of person that wanted to settle the conflict right then and there. I believe in the cool off stage which helps you think of why your mad and what you really want to say. As arguments would get big he started to face-detracting me. That made me think and feel I was stupid. Things started to get out of hand that we had encounters with a conflict on an everyday basis. It began to be a verbal abuse relationship that was causing me to have an emotional stir up. We would argue for the most stupid things. The relationship was at its peak of breaking up. The fact was that I started to lose trust in him once I found out that he wasn't being honest since the beginning. That to me and everyone else is very important. Why would you want to date some one who lives in an entire lie? After two years of this relationship there was no need to continue so I broke it off. It did hurt a lot but I couldn't do anything about it any more. He had lost my trust and had involved every one of his friends and also his parents in our relationship. This to me became from an awesome relationship to one that affected me emotionally. It has been so hard to have another relationship and to trust someone knowing the person you loved the most and trusted ended up being a liar.

In conclusion, dating a difficult subject to classify and very difficult to go through at times. Even from the most romantic relationships to just a friendship it is difficult to overcome. There never really is a dating relationship that will be in only one category, but for the most part is usually obvious which category different dating relationships fall into. As for myself one of my biggest mistakes was to rush things a little. I guess you live you learn and I learned that in order to have a good relationship you must really know the person and make sure they're not lying.