Relations within the Abrahamic Faiths. Examines the the historical and theological similarities of the three religions.

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Relations Within The Abrahamic Faiths

"Anthropologists tell us that there are three things that distinguish humanity from other animals - religion, the use of abstract language and the making of tools." (Pick One, p.13) Religion has been one of the most commanding and compelling elements in the lives of human beings since the dawn of our existence, whatever and whenever it may have been. In every society at any time in our history we have established some kind of faith or belief system in order to satisfy our need and desire to have answers and explanations to some of the most fundamental and prevalent questions and inquiries concerning life, death, and the supernatural or sacred, with entities such as one often referred to as God. "The university of religion (in the broadest sense) suggests that it corresponds to some deep and probably inescapable human need. People instinctively sense a need for moral order."

(Pick One, p.13) Also, and more particularly "the Dictionary of Philosophy (Runes, 1967) suggests that religion fulfills a separate, innate category of the human consciousness that issues certain insights and indisputable certainties, about a Superhuman Presence." (Pick One, p.19) Religion having such a fervent influence and control over large masses of people has always had great impact on the way societies and cultures act, the way leaders and governments rule and the way in which we as a people think and see ideas and events unravel in our world and universe. "Sociologists suggest that religion is the strongest means by which the lives of individuals fuse to form a cohesive society. (Macionis, 1989)" (Pick One, p.13)

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are three of the most popular religions across the World, including North America. More specifically, there are 2 billion Christians, 1.2 billion Muslims and close to 15...