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My relationship with parents and friends

In your life, you may have many different friends, but you have only one mom and one dad. When I think about the relationships with my parents and friends, I notice they have both similarities and differences. I contact them in the same way; however, I communicate with my parents and friends quite differently and our fashion preferences are completely opposite.

I don't communicate with my parents in the same way that I do with my friends. When I stay with my parents, I usually respect them. However, in front of my friends, I talk freely. If I dislike doing something, my parents will still want me to do, so I will meet the requirements of my parents. However, if I don't agree with my friends' ideas, I will refuse them directly. When I'm sad, I won't let my parents know. Instead, I will pretend to be happy.

I don't want them worry about me, but with my friends, I will let them notice my unhappiness by my expression. So, it's different for me to communicate with my parents and friends.

Actually, it's easier for me to shop with my friends than with my parents because of the different fashion preferences we have. My friends and I have the same opinion, because we are the same age. However, my parents are older than me, so they want me to wear more formal clothes. I like short pants and bright colors, but my parents keep me from buying those kinds of clothes. For example, on one summer holiday, I wanted to buy a short dress. After I shopped with my friends, I bought one short orange dress, but after I shopped with my parents, they just bought me a long black dress. It's obvious that...