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Wonderful Times


There is a very big difference between friends, best friends, and girlfriends/boyfriends but they all have one thing in common, you learn something from every last one. I found my girlfriend, my lover, and best friend. Of course the relationship taught me some valuable lessons. We knew everything and anything there is to know about each other, secrets and things you wouldn't tell just anybody else including family. I also learned positive and negative aspects of having her by my side. I will explain my relationship with A'lanska Halk by using Knapp's 10 stages of relationship development and will use two practical recommendations for communication improvements in our friendship. Then, I will reflect my thoughts and feelings about our relationship, explaining what all I learned about myself, what I learned about A'lanska, and how I will use all these things and information for future relationships.

Case Analysis

My relationship with A'lanska was included with all 10 of Knapp's stages of relationship development from beginning to end. We went to the same high school together then began to like each other and became involved in each other's lives until our relationship slowly broke apart. The first stage of Knapp's relationship development is the initiating stage, when two people meet and interact for the first time (Alder et al., 2014). A'lanska and I met the third day I first moved to Wynne in my 11th grade year. The same day I came outside to play basketball then she came outside and started to play with me and my friends. We had a short conversation and got know each others name. At the time her younger cousin which was in the same grade I was, had a crush on me but I didn't like her as more than...