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This paper is an analysis of the impact that automobiles have on the global environment (air pollution), and how it affects people's lives/health. In addition to exploring the impact of automobiles, technologies that have been developed to cope with the problems will be examined, as well as potential long-term solutions to the social and ecological problems caused by automobiles.

Pollution in the United States seems to be getting worse day by day. Poor air quality is a serious issue and health risk, especially in larger cities, throughout the country. The main source of the pollution problem is our transportation. However, according to The Foundation For Clean Air Progress (FCAP), (as a result of the combined efforts of government, industry and individuals) during the past 29 years, air pollution in the United States has dramatically decreased. Yet, research indicates that the public is largely unaware of this progress and believes that air pollution continues to increase and the air quality is deteriorating.

Pollution is obviously a very serious problem that is putting each of us risk, as well as damaging our environment. Unfortunately this is not something that can be solved any time soon, however we must make an effort to deal with it. According to the FCAP, cars produce roughly one half of the pollution in our cities, and about a quarter of the greenhouse gases. Toxic gases are emitted into the atmosphere as byproducts of the combustion process and also from evaporating gasoline. The main pollutants consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates, each of which are harmful to the human body and contribute to global warming.

The FCAP also noted that large amounts of carbon dioxide is the main contributor to global warming. Global warming occurs when the greenhouse gases cause the sun's harmful rays to...