Relationship between design and research

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In my opinion, research holds due importance in the processing and development of a design and therefore, there exists a co-relation between the two. Research in design helps approach the design based on examples of the past and our surroundings, which is where precedent studies play the role with respect to interior architecture. Research enables and supports a design through the entire course of development, stimulating the mind and thereby increasing its scope. In terms of interior architecture, research seems to have two key roles; influencing the concept generation process and the application of the concept on the site. Thereafter, this categorization, as elucidated by educators, provides insight into the interior architecturedesign process and its communication and teaching.

Research enriches both, the designer's general knowledge and accumulated design knowledge. (Downtown, 2003, p.19) Since design is described as 'the generative production of figural schemes that lead to built forms,' (Groat, 2002, p.101)

research is meant to aid, building these forms. The input that goes into the human mind and design is the processing of many discrete decisions that produces this figural outcome. Design involves figural as well as systemic considerations where figural designs emerge from inspirations which form an aspect of research.

Research may not be project specific and may involve the increase of knowledge in a particular field or theories within the field. It could be derived from books, journals or the internet as its main source or through interaction with other people and attending of seminars. These sources of research help enrich both the designer's general knowledge as well as his accumulated design knowledge. (Downtown, 2003, p.19) Therefore, research can be explained as a development of words into ideas; in the design context.

However, the above relation between design and research holds difference in...