Relationship Between Lady Macbeth And Macbeth

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In Shakespearean times, women were regarded as the delicate little creatures that were to give birth and look pretty. They were not thought to be smart or equal to men, Lady Macbeth is a really good example, since she is lonely throughout the play until her death and she might have felt forgotten by her husband, Macbeth, but Macbeth does not treat her like she was his servant or anything that is lower than him, he treats her equally. This relationship between Lady Macbeth and her husband can be confusing at times and their relationship alters throughout the play.

In Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth serves as the main influence in Macbeth's life. He trusts her with everything he has; she is, after all, his "dearest partner of greatness" but Lady Macbeth also would sacrifice anything for her husband so their love for each other is very strong. The relationship between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth is different from others of Shakespearean time.

Though he is the man, he often consults his wife before he does anything.

In the beginning of the play, when the witches tells Macbeth of his promising future, Lady Macbeth is the first person he writes to, this shows that their communication between each other is excellent, this is when we see Lady Macbeth for the first time, alone, she is seen reading the letter in a soliloquy that Macbeth sent her. Once hearing the witches prophecy, about her being queen, she completely changes and we realize the evils of Lady Macbeth. Once Lady Macbeth puts the idea of murdering King Duncan in Macbeth's head, she begins to plan the murder; we can clearly see that Lady Macbeth has everything in her hands. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth what to do when the king arrives at Macbeth's...