The relationship between man and religion

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SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1An idea that I find intellectually engaging is the relationship between people and religion. My family is Catholic, but I haven't found a religion that speaks to me which is why I am so interested in the relationship between people and their respective religions. People are so animate about their religions that they will even risk death to defend them. There are hundreds upon hundreds of religions. Virtually every one of these religions claims that it is the "only legit" religion. Who is to say that one religion is more correct than the other? It can't be determined, but religious groups continue to attempt to persuade the rest of the world that their religion is the "right" one.

It is very ironic that most religions share common virtues but despise one another. Many condemn theft, adultery, and murder along among other sins; however, they are so focused on their differences that they completely overlook their similarities.

They can be very hypocritical because they promote a sense of loving and caring for other people, but at the same time are filled with so much hate. Millions of people that have had their lives taken in the name of God. I doubt that God would approve of these killings.

Religion is often used to justify a group's actions. During the westward expansion of the United States, thousands migrated westward, taking over the vast majority of Native American lands and resulting in the destruction of entire populations of tribes and their cultures. They called it Manifest Destiny, stating that it was their destiny under God to do so. Leaving an entire race on the brink of extinction is not justifiable by any means.

Religion controls society. Many of America's political leaders are religious. They are often elected based...