The relationship between News and Ideology

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Today, I'd like to talk about the relationships between "News" and "Objective reality", and the influence of "Ideology" to the "News"

The meaning of "news" we are talking now is: the information that is published on newspaper, and broadcast on radio and television about recent events in country or world or in a particular area of activity. "The world is in a rush; time is ideological." As a piece of news, it must be published on time. In the article of "Newsmen and their time machine", describe the importance of time is "news is 'hot', when it's most immediate. It's could, and old, when it can no longer be used in the newsday in question." When the time out, there's no value of news for the people.

In most people's opinion, "News" must be impartial and true. However, the "Impartial" and "True" here are exist with the condition of different Ideologies in different political environment.

In Stuart Hall's "The determinations of news photographs", he perceive two levels of news value. The first one is the formal news value, which belongs to "the world and discourse of the newspaper, to newsmen as a professional group, to the institutional apparatus of news-making". The second one is the "Ideological news value". It belongs to "the realm of moral-political discourse" in society. For example: reports of SARS in China. The "formal news value" is the state of SARS is already in controlled. One of the "Ideological news value" is, Chinese want to show the world the development of their medical technology.

For "Ideological news", there are four factors during the process of making news: Access; Importance; Proximity; Drama. In these four factors, "Access" is the most important one for ideological news, and the only one factor which is absolutely necessary.