Relationship Magnitude Paper: Write on the balance of human, animal and nature from a case study in "Watersheds 4: Ten Cases in Environmental Ethics". Case study Skunked was picked.

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In the case study Skunked the balance of human, animals and the nature itself are in constant struggle for balance. Over fishing the waters has become a major concern with the decreasing amount of fish caught annually which in turn decreases the money coming into the fisherman’s family. An ecological balance may never be met due to the current demand worldwide and it will only get worse if regulation is not implemented and agreed upon.

Over fishing is a long and sad story of the demand for fish overtaking the balance of nature. Fishing has long since been part of history and is a reliable and abundant source of food. However, in the mid 1950s, a new breed of fishing vessel made its way into the waters and changed the way the fishing is done.

It was huge (the earliest were over 300 feet, and they ranged higher), it fished from the stern instead of over the side, and it swiftly processed and froze everything it caught.

It was called a “factory equipped freezer stern trawler,” or factory trawler, for short, and it spelled doom to any fishery it visited. For the most part, the factory trawlers were foreign.

The Soviets showed up with their giants at the beginning of the sixties, and then the Germans and the Poles and the Spaniards.... The new technology moved in floating cities, and it broke the back of the fisheries from Labrador to Georges and on southwest. (Newton & Choly, 2006)This massive ship could bring in the same amount of fish in one hour that a fishing vessel from the 1700’s could catch all season. Those days of fishing are over now and many of these massive floating cities could not operate the daily cost with the large restrictions placed on them...