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In the past with my relationships I have been involved in many types of love, I will explain two of them. I have experienced Romantic Love with girls in the past one for example is a relationship I had while I was in high school. We had a intimate relationship, and we were committed to each other at the time. However as we grew we realized we did not have the same goals in life and were going down different paths so therefore this relationship ended after 3 years of romantic love. This relationship created harmony at first because I really thought I loved this person and wanted to be with them forever, but I came to realize maybe it was more of an Infatuated Love since I was so young. I have also experienced Fatuous Love with a close female friend, this relationship had was intimate and also had sexual passion, with no commitment.

This relationship can create interpersonal conflict between the two people because you don't have commitment and jealousy can occur.

Cultural Reality -- is one reality that may have contributed to love and relationships in the past for example I find it better if you share the same values when you have a relationship with another person as well as , humor, along with styles this helps in getting along in relationships by sharing the same beliefs and interests. Environmental Reality also is important because I feel like it helps in a relationship if the person can relate to others in a "Social Environment" and if you are dating a person . Vocational Reality is also important I feel it is important when both people in a relationship are educated, because this can really contribute to the relationship in decision making.