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The relationship between a father and son should be a loving relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. Every relationship evolves over time and the relationship between a father and son is no different. Their relationship changes according to the needs of each one in respect to the other. A father has a duty to provide a loving and stable environment for his son and a son has a duty to carry on that tradition for his son.

When a son is an infant, the relationship he has with his father is one of total dependence. He depends on his father for nourishment, protection, shelter and security. As the infant becomes a toddler he also depends on his father for entertainment. He will laugh when his father throws him into the air or suddenly appears from around a corner. As the toddler becomes a young boy he will further depend on his father as a teacher.

A father will teach his son how to play ball, turn on the television and video, tie his shoelaces and comb his hair, just as in ancient times boys were taught to hunt. As the young boy becomes an adolescent, the father should be a role model. The father should not expect his son to behave one way if he is behaving another. A father should ensure that his son has respect, consideration of others, responsibility, commitment, confidence and a strong feeling of self worth. Finally the father should teach his son independence so that he becomes an individual capable of enriching the society in which he lives.