Relationships and Drama in Literature

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Relationships between men and women have provided authors material for stories for generations. In the genre of plays the author gives us their commentary of the complexities and uncertainties of social issue and they provide a realistic portrayal of the interactions between people. In the following two plays the social theme is deeply explored and we are given a glimpse into the workings of two very different perspectives involving relationships.

In the play The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde, the social theme of relationships is explored in a comedic manner. The two gentlemen in the play go to great lengths to win the hearts of the two young ladies. Through some deception and drama they strive to prove themselves worthy. Throughout the play the author gives the audience his perspective of the hypocrisies and other faults of his time.

In the play Sure Thing David Ives explores the social theme of relationships through a conversation between a man and a woman.

The play delves into the complexities of meeting people and their impressions of the other. The conversation stops and picks up with different possible scenarios based on different expectations of single people.

When looking closely at the similarities and differences of these two plays, we can come closer to understanding the intended message the authors wanted to convey. One point that can be compared between both plays is the labels, such as social standing or education that are often used to judge the suitability of a partner. Another point is the dishonesty in some relationships and how in some cases it seems to be expected or at the least accepted. The last point of comparison is the desire for a connection, someone that understands you or is similar. By comparing the two plays and analyzing the points...