Relationships between the Natives, Spanish conquistadors, the French, and the Settlers

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The relationships between Spain and the Native Americans didn't start off very well because the Spanish thought that the Native Americans were savage, Satan worshippers considering all the thought to be weird and cruel things they did to their own children and all the self-sacrifice they did to please and worship their gods. The Natives definitely didn't have it easy because of this first impression they gave to the Spaniards. Many notes and historical written descriptions about the natives were that they were easy going people and were all around good people after the fact, but at the time, they were seen as non-human savages. The natives thought the killing of men on the battlefield was a blasphemy and didn't understand how anyone could waste such life at such a large rate for no real reason. When Columbus arrived at the New World on October 14, 1492, he met a group of natives known as the Tainos.

Columbus proceeded to claim the island as property of Spain, and decided to kidnap some natives to bring them to Spain as proof, as well as leaving some Spaniards to watch over the rest of the tribe. Columbus returned a year later to find that the colony he set in motion, had been destroyed, and the people he left to guard over the natives, dead. So he started the colony back up and enslaved all of the Tainos. Considering when Columbus first arrived the natives gave him gold, he decided to make them keep giving him gold, and if they refused, he would then proceed to chop their hands off. The conquistadors proceeded to work their way through the New World conquering the natives of the different areas in the New World, The most popular one being the conquering of the Aztecs and...