Relationships in cyberspace

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Relationships in Cyberspace The Internet, is an ocean of technology, a land where ease of use and instant gratification rules. It is out of this primordial computer-ooze that a whole new way of thinking and acting is forming. Lives are being built, and destroyed in this world of bits and bytes. Cyber romance is on the rise.

No one knows much anything about you. It's strange that even without the formality of a face, relationships are spawned. Although the idea of meeting a cyber-someone is exciting, there is still something missing. You can't sit next to them, hold their hand and look into their eyes. It seems that even without physical contact relationships seem to thrive on the Internet. Some people have even met their husband or wife over the net. Ease of use and astounding technology make it possible for a 16 year old student from Tidjikdja (Western Sahara) to converse on equal levels with a 60 year old housewife in Verkhoyansk (Siberia).

The Net opens doors and spans the distance between people that never would have met under normal circumstances.

This brings up interesting opportunities, for lovers, thinkers and artists. Relationships spawn and thrive in this world of electrons and light speed communications. Often friends meet here. Sometimes enemies. Even lovers. Some say that it's the exotic setting the Internet provides that leads to these relationships. Perhaps because it is a mysterious place, or the magical qualities of someone being with you, without physically being there. Whatever the reason people are drawn into these relationships. They are real and there out there. The problems are going to grow before they get better. The Internet, as cold and starched as it may seem, has sparked fires that have grown into love. Words on a screen turn...