Releiving Test Anxiety

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Relieving Test Anxiety

When my sister was in school, she suffered from test anxiety, and one way my father suggested relieving this was for her to drink a six pack of beer for her test. Most likely this is not the most efficient plan for academic success, even if the practice is fairly common amongst college students. There are two types of test anxiety. If you are experiencing anxiety due to lack of preparation, consider this a normal reaction; but if you are sufficiently prepared but still do poorly, consider this an irrational reaction. Everyone suffers from some form of anxiety and tension on tests or other important events in one's life. However, this anxiety can easily be controlled with various techniques.

A more logical and rational way to deal with this anxiety is to be sure and be prepared for an exam. Quite often when students do badly on an exam, it is not because of lack of intelligence.

It has more to do with not being equipped with the proper test taking techniques. One of the best ways to avoid test anxiety is to avoid cramming before a test. Many students use cramming to try and make up for a lack of proper preparation, but cramming is a mistake and may just cause further confusion and cause anxiety levels to increase. A better way to study is to select the main concepts of the material and get the overall picture, instead of trying to grasp useless facts.

Another method that students often overlook is forgetting the basic requirements for daily, social, and physical needs. It is a must that students continue their basic daily routines in order to do their best on an exam. Making sure to eat well can help work completed on the...