The Relevance of the New Testament in the Modern Society

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There are many different religions exist in the world, they are existing with their own faith and reason, also they are looking for the development to become suitable for the modern society. Christianity, especial the Bible of the New Testament, they also looking for the ways to fit the modern society. People have to update themselves in their lives, otherwise they will eliminate of the society developing. Christianity as one of the most important religions in the world, has the faith and belief to show other people, also the New testament helps the people to get know themselves, such as who are they? What they should do? In addition, the other religion people will have a chance to know more about Christianity through the New Testament. So these days the New Testament is not only the book for Christian, it also as a book for anyone who wants to know Christianity.

First of all, the New Testament as a tool to teach people who they are and what they should do and not to do. Derek says that if everyone can read the Bible every morning when they wake up, they will find the meaning of that day. He also points out that if people are looking for the true meaning of the life, they have to read the Bible first. Derek as a Christian writer has his thinking out the use of Bible for people. It might not very omnipotence for everyone, but he says the right thing that many Christian are keep doing it. From the research shows that almost 75% of Christians read the Bible every day, and close to half of them are reading Bible twice in the morning and evening. For example Peter as Christian for almost thirty years, when he was twelve...