How relevant are Taylor's ideas to motivating employees in today's business world?

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The following essay will examine if Taylor's idea are relevant to motivating employees in today's business environment. To do this, the structure of the essay will be, first is the explanation about Taylor's ideas, second is the explanation about motivation, third is the basic characteristics of today's business environment that will discuss about what happen in the today's business environment and the differences between traditional and contemporary organization, and the last is the conclusion about the relevant of Taylor's idea in today's business environment.

Taylor's ideas in motivating employees in today's business environment

As the father of scientific management which focus on improving work methods, tools and performance standard, Frederick Winslow Taylor believes that the employees should be motivated by obtains highest possible wages through working in most efficient/ productive way or the incentives will motivate employees to be more effectively. In the simple way it means that the more wages that given to the employees that mean that the employees will be more motivated that if the employees only give them less wages.

According to Taylor, money and job security are the primary motivators of employees. He started and finished at monetary incentives. Taylor also said that to improve the productivity, the employees must be dividing according to their specialization. To determine the best way to do work and get the target output (Ferrel. O, 2002).

He finds four things that being the principle of management that will bring prosperity to both employee and the managers. First is develop of a true science, second is scientifically select then train the employees, third is corporate to the employees and make sure that the work is done and the last is divide the work and the responsibility equally between the employees and the manager. He wanted to find out how people...