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In America the most popular religions are Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Assembly of God and Jehovah's Witness. There are also a large population of Atheists and Agnostics. In most homes children are raised as the same religion as their parents. When you're a child you're taught to believe what the bible tells you and to think like your parents think or believe. When you leave your parents house you start to discover for yourself what the world has to offer. You either pick the religion you were raised with or you go your own way. To your parents this is not ethical or moral. They believe you should always stay the course and follow the religion they followed.

The question for me is always the same, which religion is correct? Do I have a moral or ethical obligation to my parents to stay with their religion or can I ethically search for the one true religion?How does anyone know which religion is the true one.

They all seem to have some similar beliefs but then can differ so drastically that I question which to follow. Is it ethically correct to question God? If I'm looking for the one true religion am I really questioning God or the men who created the religion to begin with?Is religion an ethically question? For some religion is the ultimate ethical question. Most people who are religious make their decisions by the bible they read. A big campaign years ago was WWJD which translates into What Would Jesus Do? Most Christians lived by this motto. When I say Christians I mean religious people. I remember seeing this everywhere. Did the person that came up with that motto really think it would stop people from doing bad things? I...