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1) Conventional wisdom tells us that the party with the most thrength or weapons will be the one who wins the fight. But Christianity claims that love, not violence, brings the true order and peace to the world.

2) Some powers that are found in Paulo's story are faith in their God. belief and hope in the people they called for help to.

3) Some examples are Pualo's people crowding the streets and protesting because of Marcos and his men. this is a good example of non violent non cooperation because it ended with Marcos leaving the country.

4) Violence- Hatred towards another shown in verbal or physical ways.

Institutional Violence- Violent acts that are scaled down because of media coverageDeterence- The potential of one country to inflict significant harm on another should be enough to deter their enemies from conflict.

Arms Race- The competition between different countries to have the bigger and better millitary.

5) The spiral of violence is a combination of conflicts that when started is very hard to stop. It's hard to stop because every country wants to be better and bigger that the other. they want to feel secure. The thing with violence is that it's a descending spiral.

6) 2 factors of youth violence are: The breakdown of relationships & the Influence of a Cultur of Violence.

7) Two consequences of the arms race are: More violence, and less money for the poor and vulnerable people.

8) The two options seen by most people who encounter violence are: do nothing but submit to the violence, or respond back with more violence.

9) People feel that because someone hit them first or what not, that makes it right for them to hit back. This is where the spiral effect gets started yet again. People just feel it logical to do unto others as they've done to you or " an eye for an eye" this is a very common way of looking at things. the other logical way of thinking is that if you dont show violence, then others wont show that to you. that's not true, nice if it was but it's not. Everything can be escalated to another level. Again, continuing the spiral.

We think that peace is the absence of war and physical violence. The church and Jesus say that peace cannot be achieved until there is justice for all.

10) Peace- Peace is Infinit justice. the prequisits for peace are: Mastering of Passions and The vigilance of lawful authority.

11) The cross is a symbol of peace because it symbolizes that Christ killed Hostility. some believe that the cross is a symbol of violence because Jesus was crucified on it. But the church says otherwise.