What is religion?

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What is Religion?

From the creation of the mankind, individuals used to believe in invisible power, which later was called religion. With the help of it they wanted to find a mystical prop in the struggle against wild nature. Later when humanity was evolving it was also observed changes in the purposes of use of religion. While some rulers like Napoleon Bonaparte abuse it for protecting wealth aristocracy from the critics of poor, others used religion in order to reach their interest and only small part of humans approached this issue with pure feelings. So, during the history the attitudes towards religions were unambiguous, for some people they were objects of criticism, while others adore religion with the desire to waste their lives on it. Because of such a paradoxical situation in the past, nowadays scientists have a real troubles on defining this conception.

Playing decisive role in the history of mankind religion was considered as an invisible power which having great influence on people can manipulate them easily, and also moral need providing spiritual comfort. Equally important, religion is a movement of which target is to convince humans to live honestly in the frames of it and in exchange it promises eternal happiness as a regard in afterlife.

Religion has always been one of the most effective remedies to keep humans under control. Its attractive appeals always draw attention of mainly poorer segments of population. Humans used to be persuaded in clergymen's promises and tried to adapt to the lifestyle propagated by them. Due to this cooperation between rulers and religious figures they successfully provide their inviolableness, and common people were even ready to die for their "religious interests" . For instance, Crusaders got the order from ecclesiastical seminary of...