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Kortney Dupree

Introduction to Religion 101

Montclair State University

December 16, 2013

Religion Class Made Me Wiser

This class made me wiser about the nature of reality in various ways. Before coming into this class the mindset I had was that religion was just based on one thing not many things. I never wanted to learn more about religion because it didn't interest me. I also felt that there was no need to know about religion because it was boring and filled with lies that I didn't want to hear. I always thought that preachers just wanted to make you believe that what they were saying was true. Surprisingly, the way I learned about religion and other concepts in this class actually made me change my mind about certain things. I feel like everybody should take this class whether their religious or not because you can learn a lot from it and use the information that was comprehended in the real world.

But in The Sacred and the Propane I learned that Eliade believes that there are two modes of being in the world and those two modes consist of the sacred and the profane. The sacred always manifests itself as a reality of a wholly different order from natural realities. The profane is the total opposite of the sacred. Eliade points out that the Sacred appears in human experience as a crucial point of orientation but at the same time it provides access to the ontological reality which is its source and for which homo religious desires. In terms of space, the sacred describes the differentiation between the sacred and profane and thus locates the axis mundi as center. For example homes and temples become sacralized for homo religious.

Eliade elucidates religion by relating it to many things. This...