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Running Head: Mormonism Vs Christianity 1

Mormonism Vs Christianity 5

Mormonism and Christianity Are they the same Religion or are they Very Different?

Jose A Chorro

Dickinson State University


Since the first day I heard of Mormons I've always been asking myself whether if they have similar beliefs to my beliefs or different ones. In my home country El Salvador, the Mormons are not really that popular, it is a very small community and I've only heard small details of them from my parents, which I must say they do not know much. During my interview with one of my friends in Dickinson Hannah I learned a lot of things about Mormonism. In my personal opinion there are more similarities than there are differences. For instance whether they call it a bit different than I do call both are the same God, as well as me she believes in Jesus Christ who came to the world and died to save humanity from sins, just like Christianity, Mormons also read the bible and follow it in a way.

Not just her beliefs but some of her traditions and holidays are the same, for instance just like me she goes to a temple every Sunday to pray, as I go to church every Sunday to pray too. Easter and Christmas are two very important holidays which Mormons and Christians share. In my interview I learned that Mormons are very similar to Christians, although Christians do different things than Mormons do or whether Christians have different symbols than Mormons have, we both believe in the same God and the same principles.

El Salvador's major religion is Christianity; I was born and rise in a Christian family and I've always been surrounded by Christians. There is a few people I have met that...