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RELIGIONHuman race, since it evolved out from primates, was much more intelligent than all other living beings and started gaining knowledge beyond the grasp of other animals as the question "why it happened" made it to seek the reasons for the same since few hundreds of thousands of years and the pursuit continued till satisfaction was derived and, thus, the journey to civilization started. There were many happenings including catastrophes and disasters that could not be explained and the mankind thought those to be caused by supernatural powers that it called gods, idols of whom were made out of imaginations and those idols were worshipped with offerings as well as sacrifices of lives of animals and men. The men in those early days of civilization were nomadic and used to live in small groups in a very hostile and inhospitable environs. They developed their own sign or spoken language to communicate between themselves.

They made their own rules and the most powerful or the wisest of them used to be their leader with others to follow his or her orders. They used to be known as a particular tribe with their own adopted way of life. The faith they nurtured with the way they believed in the supernatural powers that they called their gods, was their religion.

As in the early days of human progress, a tribe didn't trust the other and used to fight whenever two of them came across each other during their nomadic living. The stronger tribe used to win with the vanquished tribe either killed or surrendering to them totally, thus enlarging their numbers and domain. With the progress of civilization and with passing of hundreds of thousands of years, men became much more civilized and knowledgeable and had spread over all parts of...